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"Best Strip headliner"
      —2011 Las Vegas Weekly’s 2011 annual Vegas’ Best awards

"One of the best shows in town..."
      —The Dallas Morning News

"Mac King is a god."
      —Penn & Teller

"Mac King is a Genius"
      —Playboy Magazine

"One day, someone is going to wise up and move him to the big time, and his ticket prices will move up, too. So catch him while he's still a bargain."
      —New York Times

From DO NOT MISS this show!

It was fantastic. No, really... it was freaking FANTASTIC. Mac is hilarious, entertaining and highly engaging.

Not only the best magic show in town, but probably one of the best shows in Las Vegas right now.

The show was FANTASTIC. I wondered why nobody told me about the show before. I love Mac King! FUNNY and MAGICAL!One of the best shows I have seen in Vegas (the other one was the "O" show).

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"That was too great man!"
      —Muhammad Ali

"One of the best entertainment values in Vegas, this is an afternoon comedy-magic show -- and note the order of precedence in that introduction. King does magic, thankfully, emphasizing the only kind that's really mind-blowing these days -- those close-up tricks that defy your eyes and mind. But he surrounds his tricks with whimsy and wit, and sometimes gut-busting guffaws, which all serve to make you wonder how someone else can still perform stunts with a straight face. Check out how he takes a $100 bill and -- wait, we don't want to give it away, but suffice it to say it involves an old shoe, a Fig Newton, and several other unexpected..."
      —Frommer's Travel Guide (click here to read the full Frommer's Mac King review)

"Best Show in Town"
      —Las Vegas Life Magazine

"King is as adept at sleight-of-hand magic as he is with larger illusions. The best of the afternoon shows."
      —Las Vegas Online Entertainment Guide (click here to read the full Las Vegas Online Entertainment Guilde review)

"The best afternoon show in town. Frequently sells out, so purchase tickets in advance if possible."
      —The Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas

From This was easily the best value we found for our money in Vegas.

Okay first off let me give you a background. I'm 24 years old and my boyfriend is 25. We both went to David Copperfield, Brad Garrett's comedy, Jabbawockeez and V the variety show. MAC KING COMEDY is the best out of all!

Mac's delivery is fantastic and he had me laughing throughout the entire show (even bending over and laughing several times). The tricks were great too! Definitely one of the best kept secrets on the strip and great value for your money!

Mac King's show is easily the best entertainment value in Las Vegas. During my week long stay in Las Vegas I went to a number of shows and attractions, including the Blue Man Group and one of the Cirque Du Soleil performances. But the most memorable performance, the Mac King Comedy Show, was also by far the least expensive.

I was laughing so hard, my sides hurt. Mac is personable and well the price of admission (under $30). The show is 75 minutes long and the time just flew by. To put this in perspective, the previous night, I spent $130+ per ticket to watch the Cirque du Soleil "O" at the Bellagio. It's not really fair to compare it to "O," but it's true that we all had more fun watching him (at $30/ticket), versus "O" (at $130/ticket).

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"A true bargain on a Strip no longer known for them, King offers focused comedy-magic with a point of view"
      —Fodor's Travel Guide

"This is a "must see" show for any trip to Vegas. "
      — (click here to read the entire igoshows Mac King review)

"The best show deal in Vegas. Brilliant, and a must see."
      —Frommer’s Las Vegas With Kids

"I'll start this one out short and sweet for those of you who don't like reading long reviews: Mac King's Comedy Magic show at Harrah's is one of the best shows in Las Vegas and without a doubt the best entertainment value in town. How's that for an opening? You'll note that the title puts the word Comedy before Magic and this is at once important and deceptive. It's important because King puts humor at the forefront, drawing his audiences in with a genial, good-natured comedic style that delivers out-loud laughs. It's deceptive because it can make you not notice how brilliant of an illusionist he is. Mac King eschews the grandiose smoke and mirrors type of magic that most of the acts in this town have beaten into a virtual parody of the genre. "
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"A razor-sharp comedian"
      —Las Vegas Sun

"The reigning king of Las Vegas afternoons—10 years and counting at Harrah's Las Vegas—seems more like a Ragtime-era court jester with his plaid suit and folksy "Howdy!" King stands apart from the other magic shows on the Strip with a one-man hour of low-key, self-deprecating humor and the kind of close-up magic that's baffling, but doesn't take the focus away from the running banter. But watch out for that bear!"
      —Fodor's Travel Guide (click here to read the entire Fodor's Mac King review)

From "There is genius in the simplicity of his magic. His show is one of the best values in Vegas. Both on stage and off stage he is generous with his time as evidenced by his efforts with local reading projects. For entertainment value, he's a sure bet."

"I can't imagine anyone not liking this show. We will definitely go back next year."

"We have seen many afternood and evening shows in town. This is by far the best entertainment value. "

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"The show is screamingly funny and so wholesomely clean that when he does the slightest off-color move--like finding the "missing" card in the fly of his pants--it's all the more hysterical. He swallows earthworms, makes goldfish appear, works a Fig Newton into almost every routine, does a trick involving the burning of a hundred dollar bill that is so elaborate it resolves five or six times, and works with a newlywed couple--three-fourths of his act involves audience participation--while doing a trick with an old poncho he calls The Cloak of Invisibility. I can't even describe the Cloak of Invisibility. It's pure genius"
      —Joe Bob Briggs

"King of the Bargains: Mac King's comedy magic show is the best deal on the Strip "
      —Mike Weatherford from The Las Vegas Review Journal (click here to read Mike's entire Mac King review)

"Best Magic Show in Las Vegas"
      —Dallas Morning News

"One of the real gems of Vegas's family entertainment roster."
      —TimeOut Las Vegas (click here to read the entire Mac King review)

"Mac King is a great comedian. Which means he's not only funny; he also makes it look easy. That, in turn, invites the public to warm to him immediately; very few entertainers are able to attain such a quick rapport."
      —MAGIC Magazine

"Mac King has a dual personality. On one hand, he has the wit of a stand-up comic. On the other, he has the skills of a superior, sleight-of-hand magician. King has a charm that appeals to his fans, and a sense of humor that may make you forget how talented a magician he truly is. "
      — (click here to read the entire review)

"Saw this show for the first time many years ago because it was a comp from Harrah's. Have been back 3 times since on our own dime."

"Take this opportunity to see Mac King live at Harrah's Hotel and you'll be glad that you did!"
      —All Vegas Guide (click here to read the entire Mac King review)

"Mac King's unique act contains an unusual combination of quirky humor, visual gags and astounding sleight of hand. King is known for his engaging personality and original magic creations, like making a live goldfish appear over an audience member's head."

"Mac King’s act is one of Vegas’ treasures.The crowd is on the edge of their seats the entire show."
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"Best Deal on The Strip...Looking like a dressed-up hayseed, but displaying an impish wit that belies his look. A 'Best Bet' for the weekend."
      —L.A. Times

"The best of the afternoon shows. "
      —Las Vegas Online Entertainment Guide (click here to read the entire Mac King review)

"Mac King is a must see for anyone visiting Vegas. Very funny !! Very entertaining !!!"
      —Las Vegas Advisor

"Perhaps for the money the very best entertainment on the strip. Mac King is funny, with a sense of humor that is both corny and cutting edge. He is also a very talented sleight of hand magician that performs magic with little or not props or gadgets. This afternoon show is appropriate for all audiences and no goldfish were harmed in the production."
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"The "king" of afternoon Comedy and Magic"

 "Best show value in town"
      —Las Vegas Advisor

"Las Vegas' best entertainment value"
      —Las Vegas Review Journal

"Spellbinding Star"
      —David Magazine