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Corporate Endorsements

Download Mac King's Corporate Endorsements"A delightful blend of deception and drollery."
      —Walt Disney Company

"FABULOUS....innovative with audience participation, very funny without vulgarity, and enjoyed by both men and women. He is not only a fantastic entertainer, but practices customer service."

"We loved it! Send me 15 sets of promotional material. I’ve got executives all across the country who want you for their regional dinners."
      —U.S. Central Credit Union

"This is your official thank you for helping make our Tax Colloquium event so successful. I don’t know how we’ll top this year’s entertainment at future events. You set a very high standard."
      —Price Waterhouse

"Terrific! A well deserved standing ovation."
      —Hillerich and Bradsby (makers of Louisville Slugger baseball bats)

"Your spectacular performance made our Fund for the Arts corporate fundraising drive a smashing success. In fact, it was considered the most successful and enjoyable drive we have had in the company’s history."
      —Yum Brands (Pizza Hut, Taco Bell & KFC)

"One of the best overall shows I have ever seen, accommodating every age group we had present. The following day, every sales rep that attended commented on how much they enjoyed your show."
      —Pak-A-Sak Food Stores

"We have never laughed so hard or enjoyed being mystified so much as during your performance."
      —Ditch Witch